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Company Profile


Cafina – the coffee specialist for the gastronomic world and
company catering facilities.

Ingenious development and determination to make the best coffee machines have ensured that: Cafina makes the difference. Since1988 Cafina has been part of the Melitta Group, an association that opens up the world market and brings expectations of many more inventions and product ideas. The Cafina Vision extends from company management to customer care.

Cafina Hunzenschwil now comprises a technology centre with customer support and logistics departments as well as administration and production sections, employing around 150 people. Cafina has the most up-to-date production lines, a fully equipped development division with a research laboratory and long-term test bay. CAD, spares management and logistics are just a few of the keywords to describe coffee machine technology and indeed the whole of Cafina AG, the company that has the know-how for everything in the coffee business. Specialists are to be found in all stages of the process. Well-trained and committed employees have by and large been the most important factors for the company’s success throughout the long history of Cafina. The employees are proud to take part in the future of the Cafina coffee machine world.

The coffee advisory team and the marketing department offer the broad clientele the best essential information on making the right decisions to successfully sell a coffee business.

Whoever takes up contact with Cafina immediately feels the keenness for innovation and service, the pre-requisite for unstinting customer loyalty. Exactly what one should expect of a leading company.

Here are a few of the important stages in the Cafina Story:

  • 1955  Company head office is moved from Lausanne to Suhr
  • 1964  Joint-stock company is founded
  • 1974  Production of fully automatic coffee machines beginns
  • 1979  Rollout of the VM80 model
  • 1980  Sales area is extended to the whole of Switzerland
  • 1983  Cafina becomes the general agent for Melitta catering products in Switzerland and Liechtenstein
  • 1984  Head office is moved to Hunzenschwil, and moves into the new factory
  • 1987  Introduction of revolutionary c90 model
  • 1988  Melitta Group Germany acquires a majority holding of Cafina and the company building is expanded
  • 1989  Model c80 supersedes the successful VM80
  • 1993  Rollout of the c60 model
  • 1997  Extension of the company building with the addition of an administration wing
  • 1999  Rollout of the c5 model
  • 2005  Introduction of the newest generation of coffee machine, the Cafina® ALPHA
  • 2007  Opening of work 2 in Egliswil (production extending)
  • 2007  Introduction of Cafina bar model
  • 2008  SQS auditing. EduQua certificafion, for more informations:
  • 2009  Introduction of Cafina® c35 model
  • 2010  Restoration of the building of Cafina AG, to protect the environment
  • 2011  Relocation of the production site of all Melitta Professional products to Hunzenschwil - Swiss Made
  • 2012  Move of the storage to enlarge the capacity
  • 2014  Introduction of the coffee machine Melitta® Cafina® XT6
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